A Brilliant Loss

Pictures from my art installation ‘A Brilliant Loss’ where I researched light, shadows, reflections and projections in a dark room in the attic at ‘Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola’ for 3 weeks. I built the object are made of glass, wood  and other things I found in the forest. I used a cheap glue gun building them, so most of the things are now broken to pieces again. It is about darkness and things I’m scared of at night… When the light goes out your senses sharpens.

Etchings and engravings

'Owls by night' copper, aqua-tint etching and engraving prints



‘In between the key’ Copper (flatbitning) etching prints



‘View to kill for’ plexi-glass engraving prints



‘Waterloo station’ plexi-glass engraving prints



‘Waterloo station in colours’ plexi-glass engraving and water colour print